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23 Aug
August 23, 2016
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We have been in the market and the world of logistics since the early 2000’s and our work has made us know y other countries even though we occupy just a small area on the earth surface. With our competence and reliability other logistic companies and those that deal with Pet delivery have believed in Us and we are like the father of their everyday thoughts for we own the market of Logistics in All types.


What we deliver or Ship.

With US-Shipping International, there is no limit to what we can do for we were born to create a global world there by making everyone out there to be our customer for we deal with the least as well as the most heavy,durable etc things and without withstanding for some years now the pet delivery has added to our list of activities as we own the world of Logistics now.

What they call Us.

We call Ourselves US-Shipping International but the experience our customers have with us the make us to know that we are the all world shipping International and with this they say we own the world of Logistics and no one can beat us for that so we are what they say we are and we believe you have something to say about our competence, Reliability and other things we meet the needs for.


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