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SpeedDs Agent Assigned Info

Delivery Agent: Mr Vincent

Cargo Info

Shipment ID 1583389719
Order Status: N/A
Shipping Mode: Air Transport
Commodity/Cargo Name: Package
Total Estimated Weight: 15
Weight Unit: Kg
Packaging: Box
Quantity: 0ne
Type of Cargo: Others
Insured ? Yes

Sender Info

Country: UK
State / County: London
Address: 109 George Leigh Street ManchesterM4 6AT England united kingdom
Sender Name: Hwan joo

Receiver Info

Country: Dubai
Postcode / ZIP: 60740
Phone Number: 0490030389
Address: 47 Dumfries Deer Park,Victoria, Country::: Australia 3023
Receiver Name: Uraiwan..chansakhu

Delivery Status:

Order Status: N/A

Tracking Map

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SpeedDs Terms And Conditions

Please keep in mind that the acceptance of SpeedDs Inc.’s TERMS and CONDITIONS is redundantly required in the course of courier delivery.
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