At SpeedDs we know and understand the value and the meaning of the concept “just in time”. We offer a fast and secure delivery every time, and take pride in being regarded as a reliable partner, that is capable of handling orders with relatively short delivery times – large orders as well as smaller ones.


For your security, SpeedDS will require an adult’s signature at delivery, even if you have a signature waiver on file with SpeedDS. SpeedDS will not leave your package unattended or leave it at another delivery address (such as a neighbor). If no one is available to receive the package, SpeedDS will attempt a second delivery at another time.


Your package can be delivered to any of the following addresses:

  • The address associated with your credit card (this is typically your residence).
  • Your work address.
  • The business address of a jeweler, if you would like a diamond delivered directly.
  • A local SpeedDS Office / Kinkos, usually within a mile or two of your work or home. You will be notified by the local SpeedDS as soon as your package arrives, and may pick it up at any time. This allows you to avoid waiting for a driver. To choose this option at checkout, use your bill-to as your ship-to address, then use the comment field to ask to have your package delivered to a local SpeedDS instead. You will receive confirmation of your request via email, including the address of the closest SpeedDS store for your approval.


We don’t want to spoil any surprises, so at checkout you will have the opportunity to specify exactly how you would like to be contacted regarding your order. SpeedDS will contact you using only the email or phone number you designate.

For your privacy and security, your purchase will be shipped as follows:

  • In a standard SpeedDS shipping box. SpeedDS will not appear anywhere on the outside of the box.
  • Fully insured against loss or theft. If your package appears damaged or tampered with upon delivery, do not accept it or sign for it. SpeedDS will work directly with SpeedDS to resolve the issue.
  • Loose diamonds (those not set in a ring prior to shipment) will be shipped in a specially designed package, to keep your diamond secure until you have it set.
  • Diamonds set in a ring will be shipped in a presentation ready ring box.


To help you plan for the receipt of your package, an estimated delivery date is given on the detail page for every diamond, as well as on the shopping bag page. In addition, you will receive email updates letting you know exactly when to expect your package. These updates will be sent only to the email address you specify (so as not to spoil any planned surprise).

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